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Strator helps companies with everything to do with documents, and we do this with a wide range of hand-picked technology, deep business understanding and long experience. We participate in solving incredibly diverse business issues. Examples of the problems we solve and a more technical presentation of our primary technical tools will be found on the website.

Strator's origin is document management but the need for technologies that at one end of the scale can optimize the individual document for its specific use and at the other end can treat the ever-growing information pulp as the data base for decisions has made us interested in a very wide range of technological solutions to everyday small and large document-centered issues. Issues such as automated creation, classification, confidentiality, security, recall, controlled disposal, etc.  We also do purely technical tasks such as upgrades and systematic maintenance on the technologies we have profound expertise in, as well as completely non-technical tasks such as advice regarding archiving or compliance with legislation, including GDPR. 

We work with on-premise solutions and with cloud, we work with enterprise solutions and with solutions for a small business or department, we work to support manual workflows or with full automation and artificial intelligence. We find the right tool within the relevant budget in each situation.

We work with document-centered processes in all industries, but we have very much experience in the pharmaceutical sector, and almost all Strator employees are used to work under GxP (possibly certified).

In 2014, Strator Børsen won the Gazelle Prize for a year of great growth, and in the same year we became Dell EMC Gold Partners (today OpenText) because we have incredibly profound technical knowledge about the Documentum platform.

Document Management: Best practices - Processes and Technology

Document management includes collecting, managing, editing, sharing, delivering and securing documents in both digital and paper formats typically supported by a document management system, but there is a major non-technical task associated with this implementation.

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Document Backlogs: The documents of the past constitute a risk if they are not under control

Document backlogs constitute a problem in complying with legislation, maintain control and make the most of the company's information. The new Personal Data Regulation (GDPR) makes it even more relevant to carry out thorough and professional cleanup of documents and data.

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Automation: Clearing The Way for Growth - Minimal Human Intervention

As information masses grow, how do we make sure we deliver our information into the future in a rational way? Are we prepared to receive and process even more information automatically - how are we prepared? And how do we produce more information cheaper?

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Maintenance of Archives: Proactive archiving: Keep your information secure and accessible

Archives must be maintaned. We have collected the work involved in the term Proactive Archiving, which means that information is filed safely and in accordance with the law but at the same time it is easy in everyday life and that information is always readily available for the business and in a usable format.

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Strator on LinkedIn

We are in the process of an article series in Strator Learn about clean-up in documents which we share on LinkedIn currently. One reason for cleaning up is that it is a prerequisite for compliance with the laws governing management of personal identifiable information, which there is so much hype about right now. But there are 100 other good reasons to control the company's information - not least that they become an asset to the future business.

We are still at the start of the article series and are still looking at things that can help if you have to clean up manually, but at some point we reach to talking about systems that use artificial intelligence and other great font-end technology to solve the task, whichwe look forward to sharing.

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