Strator helps companies with everything to do with documents, and we do this with a wide range of hand-picked technology, deep business understanding and long experience. We work in any industry, but life sciences is by far our most dominating market and experience.

The amount of electronic information is growing explosively. The growing piles off uncontrolled documents and files can pose a risk, for example, if they contain Personally identifiable information. The requirements for control are increased and at the same time the financial budgets are under pressure.

Document technologies evolve explosively these years. New advanced solutions develops - and at the same time the price level decreases. Today, even very advanced technologies are available available - also for reasonable budgets.

Strator is the expert in document technology

Strator consults, advices and implements document technology

Strator also solves specific tasks with document technologies as services, where the customer is not required to purchase the technology

Strator is experienced and trained in working under GxP compliance

Services - Processing of Documents

Strator offers services that process documents with modern technologies in a variety of ways. Such processing may make sense to do continuously - in that case we recommend to acquire / subscribe to the technology - but often there is a temporary need to process a larger amount of documents for a project and it is here that our services may be relevant.

Classification /Discovery - Clean Up!

Clean up! Get the unchecked file piles under control. Find documents that contain, for example, person-sensitive information.

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Make legacy files uniform, legible and searchable. Upgrade to formats that are contemporary or convert to long-term archive formats so they can be read once they are needed.

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National Archives

Deliver your digital documents to the National Archive. Regardless of the processing system, we can convert and collect the delivery. Let us take the hassle.

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Life Sciences

Strator offers highly-experienced consultants who not only understand the technology, but also understand the business issues that need to be solved. Most of our consultants have long experience either as consultants or employees at the major pharmaceutical companies in Denmark and we are therefore experienced in working in GxP environments and acquaintances with business processes. This means that our services - services / technology / consultants - typically also offered "in a GxP edition". Here, only an offering, specifically developed exclusively for the pharmaceutical sector, is emphasized.

FDA Compliant PDF Rendering

Life Science industry documents must comply with FDA or EMA standards and therefore they must be converted (rendered) correctly. We specialize in converting document conversion engines - such as the inherent in Documentum - to these standards.

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