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  • Do you need professional advise concerning regulations and good practises within the field of Document Management?
  • Help to work more efficiently and gain more value out of your information, time and resources?
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For any challenges regarding documentation, processes and business - from a single file to the system and processes surrounding it - we have the technical expertise and heavy experience to take on a wide range of challenges.

Strator is a specialist company that help businesses to reach the full value of their information - and the management of information. We are experts in Document and Records Management services and technology.

Automation: Clearing The Way for Growth

As information masses grow, how do we make sure we deliver our information into the future in a rational way? Are we prepared to receive and process even more information automatically - how are we prepared? And how do we produce more information cheaper while increasing automation?
Below is some inspiration to what we can assist with.

Carry information into the future

Do you have documents in old formats or poor quality? Let us see if we can upgrade your information to a usable high quality format. Or let us see if we can transcribe your sound files to text. Or upgrade you videos to a current format.

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Produce more information cheaper

Document generation is the discipline where large volumes of documents that are alike can be produced automatically. If you can describe it, we can automate it.

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Treat more information

With recognition software we can extract information from even very advanced documents. Let us try if we can do your document recognition task.

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Strator on LinkedIn

We are in the process of an article series in Strator Learn about clean-up in documents which we share on LinkedIn currently. One reason for cleaning up is that it is a prerequisite for compliance with the laws governing management of personal identifiable information, which there is so much hype about right now. But there are 100 other good reasons to control the company's information - not least that they become an asset to the future business.

We are still at the start of the article series and are still looking at things that can help if you have to clean up manually, but at some point we reach to talking about systems that use artificial intelligence and other great font-end technology to solve the task, whichwe look forward to sharing.

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