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It’s all about document management. Here on the blog, Vibeke Bugge Kristiansen shares ideas, thoughts, experiences and cases within; Information flows, technology and classification as a basis for compliance and automation.

Vibeke Bugge Kristiansen, is a document management nerd and has been working to support document-centric processes with technology for 20 years. Vibeke operates in the tension between compliance, business processes and technology and creates coherence across the disciplines.

Vibeke operates in GxP environments with strict compliance requirements and large money bags for automation, but also in companies without budget of materiality, where things just work and like half-manually. Vibeke has implemented quality management systems and archives, but also cleaned up common drives or purely documents of poor technical quality. Everything possible, where technology can ease the task of handling documents.

The experiences gathered, mixed with news from the subject, ideas and inspiration, we have invited Vibeke to share here in Vibeke’s blog.

It can be difficult to keep up with the rapid development of the field when you have a busy day at the same time. Strator’s blog posts are therefore written for information officers and can be received as a newsletter.

It’s all about documents – and its all written in Danish.