As experts in electronic document management and archiving, we at Strator know which elements of an ESDH system are important for effective case processing.

The basic solution in Visma Case supports all these elements and thus makes Case’s basic solution a complete ESDH system.

Likewise, Visma Case can be ideal for smaller companies, as it is a Cloud-based ESDH system that is far ahead of the flexibility both in terms of its modern user interface and on their pay-per-user subscription agreement. The pay-per-user subscription helps ensure that it makes sense to the company, and only 100% utilization and needs are paid.

Visma Case is also technically flexible on their server options; If you want a cloud-based solution, on-location hosting or Private Cloud, one can rightly find advice on which solution makes the most sense for one’s business. It’s fast, easy, cheap and safe.

Microsoft Office

Visma Case integrates directly with Microsoft products Outlook, Word, Excel and PowerPoint. With the module for Microsoft Office, it is possible to create cases and / or add documents to already existing cases directly from Word, Excel and PowerPoint. In addition, you have the opportunity to archive e-mails and related attachments directly from Microsoft Outlook. A single right click and filed in Case. A check-out feature in Case allows you to edit the document directly to that application, with which changes are synchronized, versioned, and automatically saved - and the document is checked in again when the document is closed.


Visma Case strongly integrates into Google's free online products: Gmail, Docs, Sheets, Slides and many more. With the Visma Case Google Apps module, it is possible to create cases, save documents on cases or new cases in Case directly from Google apps like Gmail, Sheet, Slides and Docs.

LIbre office

With the Visma Case Libre Office module, like Microsoft Office, you have the opportunity to create cases and store documents on new or existing cases in Visma Case directly from Libre Writer, Calc or Impress.


Merge case data into documents. With Visma Case's document center, you have the possibility to maintain document and merge templates that can be associated with case types and case templates. If an existing template is edited, it will automatically be updated on the cases where the template is included. However, prepared documents will not be changed.

Work plans

Achieve consistent quality in case processing by pooling standardized tasks and workflows. With the work module, task templates can be created that are attached to a case type or template. This function is especially useful when a company works with standardized and uniform shapes, which most often have a series of general tasks to be arranged. Predefined tasks can be edited, adjusted, and customized during the lifetime of the case, including by creating a case.


Cases often require collaboration with external parties, and it must not be more complicated than giving external rights to view and edit in a given document. For security reasons, however, Visma Case does not allow external persons to have direct access to the case. The external parties instead get copies of the documents to an external forum, which they then have to be invited to. It is possible to have a party's identity verified via a two-factor validation.

Digital signature

When documents require approval, it is as simple and fast as never before with the possibilities of digitization. Get approved documents with NemID or a digital signature directly on the screen. Visma's Addo module also allows you to send documents awaiting signature to several parties on the given case, and then have the approved and signed documents filed in a improved version.

National Archives

Visma Case can prepare documents for file formats approved by the National Archives when submitting to the National Archives. If there are file formats that are not supported, they can simply be sent to us. Read about handing over to the National Archives here.

Strator and Visma

Strator works closely with Visma. Contact Vibeke Bugge Kristiansen to hear more.