Documentum is an enterprise content management platform built for internationally distributed content management environments. It adheres to interoperability standards that make it easier to interface with other business systems in the company.

For the past two decades, the value of content and information has increased for most companies in a wide range of industries. Some industries have extremely demanding environments compared to others, but with most industries in digital transformation, a complete content strategy is now a necessity.

With the increased focus on digitization and content transformation, the need for a ‘system for all of them’ is now more necessary than before.

The Documentum suite contains:
  • Content analyzes to automatically extract metadata and classify content
  • An archive to securely store content under compliance rules
  • Search function distributed to multiple search engines
  • Customer and partner communication management
  • Business Process Management

An investment in an enterprise content management system improves collaboration across business processes and functions, regulatory compliance, reduces search time, information loss, and management time.

Documentum Life Science Suiten: Compliant kontrol og sikkerhed for information

The pharmaceutical industry is facing ever-growing challenges. Mergers and acquisitions, national and international legislative changes affect document management – changes need to be addressed as soon as possible.

Rules and regulations are becoming increasingly tight, while increasing the demand for public access to research results.

More than 75% of the leading Life Sciences companies rely on Documentum to handle standardized business processes with full content and access control. The integrated solutions in the suite support the entire value chain, where control, regulation and tailor-made access are the main requirements.

63/5000 SharePoint Documentum Add-on: SP4D to the Scandinavian market

The Dutch company; Informed Consultings has developed a SharePoint Add-in for Documentum (SPA4D). The unique technology of SPA4D ​​produces an all-in-one connection and integration between the Microsoft SharePoint and the Documentum platform.

SPA4D ​​allows users to create, edit, share, review, and approve Documentum information from SharePoint sites and sites that make sense. Take advantage of the familiar SharePoint user experience to collaborate on information managed by Documentum’s powerful document management, records management and advanced case management.

SPA4D ​​also provides users with a highly configurable search page that provides basic search results to the user. Allow the user to drill further using filters and facets to find the information. Save searches to replay your query.

Strator works closely with Informed Consulting, which also specializes in Content Services and Documentum – and it is Strator who is the experienced consultants in implementing SPA4D ​​in the Scandinavian market.

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