In today’s business environment, companies struggle to structure their digital archives. Businesses run on the latest software and have trouble working with older documents


Conversion between formats often happens manually and is thus a slow, inefficient and limited process. And in sectors like finance and life sciences there are a lot of requirements to keep in mind. 


DocShifter automatically recognizes any format and converts any digital document format and data to readable and searchable documents in any extension.

What can DocShifter do?

Compliant Rendering

Easily render your documents to submission ready PDF formats, for different regulatory bodies such as FDA, PMDA, EMEA, Health Canada and many more.

Legacy Refresh

Optimize your archive by digitizing old or outdated archives.

Long-Term Digital Archiving

Convert your files into future-proof formats for archival purposes.

Automated Document Generation

Save time & money with automated document generation and focus more on your core work.

Mail Converter

Easiest way to convert scanned images, emails and digital files to the required format. Can be a part of ‘Correspondence Tracking Solution’ for Life Sciences companies.

Strator and DocShifter

So you would like to learn more about all the great things about DocShifter? Strator have a close co-operation with DocShifter. Contact Vibeke Bugge Kristiansen to learn more.