With a few clicks, you can easily clean up all files on your company’s drive. You can choose to pre-classify the documents – and / or manually classify the documents. Afterwards you have a full overview of what is hidden around your drive.

About 85% of all data is unstructured and unknown around the drive. With ShinyDocs, we can make your percentage significantly lower – and close to none. Would not it be nice to have a full overview of all data on your company’s servers?

Cleanup and classification

ShinyDocs uses artificial intelligence to review, understand and visualize document data. This way you easily get an overview of which data is across shared drives, personal drives and exchange servers.
ShinyDocs categorizes the documents completely without the user discovering it or even doing something for it.
ShinyDocs can migrate the documents, cleans for duplicates, sets permissions, creation dates, and other metadata.

Let us show you how

Want to see how easy you clean up and qualify your documents? We would love to give you an introduction to ShinyDocs.

Call Vibeke Kristiansen on phone +45 20 58 68 52 or email vibeke@strator.com to arrange a demo.