When working with documents and data, there is often a need for IT support.

Strator has chosen some technologies among the many possible, which we think have special advantages.

On this page we briefly present these technologies.

We serve a broad mixture of very large platforms and smaller solutions. It is with full conviction. Strator originates from the enterprise world, starting from the beginning of the company based on a solid specialty within Documentum. Our experience gained by establishing these very large solutions has proved very useful also in smaller contexts. Therefore, we have supplemented with a portfolio of smaller point solutions in a completely different price range for a less regulated use.

Content platforme

ShinyDrive Suite

ShinyDrive Suite is partly a very practical low-cost way to get common drives under control without the user feeling it, and partly it is a shortcut to making an ongoing and structured migration of information to one of the other systems you have in the enterprice price. For example, ShinyDrive Suite can detect that a document placed on a common drive should be in the ECM system, the CRM system or the ERP system and act on it.

OpenText Documentum

OpenText Documentum is a large platform of coherent technologies for everything within handling unstructured information. The portfolio of OpenText Documentum hold different products within the field and it is just choosing what is relevant to the company. It is the strongest and largest of the technologies presented here, and is suitable for large companies or highly regulated industries. As something new, Docmentum is also offered in various Cloud offerings.

Visma Case

Visma Case is a cloud-based SaaS ESDH. Fast, easy, flexible and license at very low cost based on spend per month. If the need is to get started with a modern case management system very quickly and present the users for a modern and fast user interface, then Visma Case is an excellent choice.


Box is a very strong content-anywhere platform. Box is a cloud-based alternative to a traditional document management or archive system. Box has strong document management features "out of the box" and a very intuitive user interface. Box is also expandable due to a highly advanced API, and Box is therefore an incredibly powerful choice to build solutions that are not just document management solutions, but where document management is part of another business process.

Microsoft SharePoint

Microsoft SharePoint is a platform for collaboration and intranet where document management is possible. It is an excellent platform for collecting documents in everyday life, because most find it easy to use, partly because there is a good integration to the office package. However, it is not an optimal platform for long-term storage. In many places we have seen solutions where SharePoint is what the user sees, but below is a stronger archive.

Document conversion

Adlib PDF Enterprise

Adlib PDF Enterprise converts over 600 formats to pdf, html or tiff. It is an incredibly strong platform for very large amounts and is made as a real enterprise platform with, for example, a solid administrative interface for ongoing follow-up on operations. As a special, Adlib PDF Enterprise offers anonymization.


Docshifter is a very intuitive, fast-moving conversion engine. Drag-drop combines where documents come from, what should happen to them and where to return. There are many small modules that provide a high degree of flexibility in the product.

OpenText Blazon / OpenText Documentum ADTS

OpenText has (at least) two products for enterprise document conversion. ADTS is closely linked to the Documentum Platform, while Blazeon is independent, but connects to OpenTex's various platforms - including Documentum. Blazon offers advanced features and is fully ICH complaint.


ShinyDocs Cognitive Analysis

ShinyDocs Cognitive Analysis is a tool for document analysis and classification. It is based on artificial intelligence and can both provide overview of physical data on files, calcify documents by types as it is trained to recognize and extract tagging information.

Strator specialists

Strator offers deeply specialized assistance on the mentioned technologies and through our network more others. We offer ad hoc consultancy assistance or project or recurring services such as platform maintenance. Most of our consultants are used to work under the specially regulated life sciences conditions.