The three words that pervade all of Strator’s work are compliance, documents and technology.

It is regardless of whether we make a document management solution – or support a marketing automation system.

Documents come in or out – and data security is important.

CLM - Contract Lifecycle Management

Compliance is alpha and omega when writing a contract. A small wrong comma can have fatal consequences. Therefore, more and more legal departments and law offices are using Contract Lifecycle Management (CLM) systems to help them have compliance in all their contracts.

The CLM systems also have the great advantage of being able to archive and classify at the same time as the contract creation takes place.

Artificial Intelligence is a foundation for the best CLM systems along with an easy and intuitive interface.

At Strator we have good experience with CLM systems and can therefore help our customers implement and maintain a CLM system.

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QMS - Quality Management System

Quality Management System (QMS) is quality management – or a collection of business processes that support work being systematically performed in accordance with the company’s internal policies, customer and authority requirements and applicable standards.

The IT systems that support the above are also typically called QMS.

For all companies it is central to have well-documented business processes and for some companies it is absolutely necessary to work. A QMS can be a relatively simple solution for some companies, where it is good enough to ensure that the right version of a process is available. For others, it is a complex affair, where it is necessary that there is a very clear trace between each known requirement and the practical implementation thereof in the processes and detailed follow-up on employee training. It sometimes happens in QMS and other times by integration to other systems.

At Strator, we have long experience of describing, selecting and / or implementing both simple and complex IT solutions in many industries, and we have employed trained auditors with deep insight into ISO9001.

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SOP - Standard Operating Procedure forl Life Science

Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) is a special quality management tool for the Life Science industry, which must comply with strict requirements for quality compliance and documentation. SOP solutions, among other things, address automatic version control, complete audit trail, reminder of important dates, distribution of SOPs and routines for affected persons and much more.

At Strator we have many years of experience with SOP solutions. We help to describe, select and / or implement both simple and complex SOP solutions for several Life Science customers. Strator has employed trained auditors with deep insight into ISO9001.

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Life Science industrien

We have a lot of experience in life sciences and several of the technologies we work with have specialized offerings for life sciences just as we have developed “GxP variants” of several of our services.

  • OpenText Documentum has a suite with special for life sciences with Q&M, eTMF, R&S and Submission Store and View modules.
  • DocShifter software can create compliant output for Life Sciences companies for many different regulatory bodies: ICH, FDA, even PMDA.
  • CARA is originally a user interface for Documentum specifically for life sciences. Now, the functionality and user interface with other archives are under.
  • OpenText Blazon is a rendering engine which is ICH compliant.
  • DOLSR is a cloud-based documentum for life sciences that has complemented Documentum’s standard modules with a submission module and a “QMS-light” module.
  • Strator can configure FDA compliant rendering based on OpenText Documentum ADTS or Adlib PDF .
  • Strator’s compliance services also cover, for example, implementation of SOP systems.
  • Strator can migrate data from or into systems under full control.

Digital Archive

There is a long and good tradition of establishing excellent physical archives where the paper is protected from corruption and where it is filed so that it can be found again.

That’s the same thing as the goal of digital archives, and there are many really good technical solutions for that.

There is a good ISO standard for good archiving – ISO 15489 on Records Management and with it in the back of hand and a thorough understanding of the compliant setup in a company, we can establish really good and compliant digital archives.

Where the paper archives are maintained by specialists in archiving, digital archives are often not enclosed with the same professionalism. This is where we can help.

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ESDH - Case Management System

ESDH is the abbreviation for Electronic Case and Document Management, or in other words; document management.

The concept has arisen in connection with the company’s need to optimize processes within case and document management. ESDH is a discipline where old managements such as journalization, archiving, case management, document management, etc. are contained in a solution.

Strator has many years of experience with small and large systems, implementation, business consulting and technical support from our customers. This makes us an important start in an establishment project that has specific requirements for processes and systems.

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CCM - Customer Communication Management

Customer Communication Management (CCM) is the way you create, deliver and store all communication that is sent from your company. Contracts, invoice and payment messages, offers, regular correspondence to product descriptions and marketing.


For your business, it is important that communication is compliant, regardless of what the content is about. Everything your business sends out must be coherent.


Communication can be done through a wide range of media and output channels – more and more people demand the communication to be omnichannel. The communication should be readable both as paper and digital documents, email, SMS, on mobile apps and on websites.


CCM solutions support these goals and give businesses the opportunity to send communications to distributors, partners, supervisors and customers in the exact channel preferred by the recipients.


At Strator we have internal CCM competencies as well as good business partners with experience in CCM – and therefore we support our customers to implement a CCM solutions, advise in the decision phase about choosing the system and / or help with maintenance and support.

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Marketing Automation

It’s all about automated marketing processes for one purpose; to give the customer an impression of being seen and understood – and that the sender has so much compliance in his communication that the recipient feels comfortable. It is regardless of whether you have 100 people in your database or 100,000. The customer must feel seen.


At Strator we have internal competencies in the use of Marketing Automation. The strategies we let others guide you to. But we can help our customers implement a marketing automation system, advise in the decision-making phase of choosing the system and / or help with maintenance and support.


We currently have experience with Salesforce Marketing Cloud, Responsys, Mailchimp and Hubspot. But we are open to bring other systems into our portfolio.


Contact Hanne Bjørn-Klausen if you want to hear more.Contact Hanne Bjørn-Klausen, if you want to hear more.