If a task is performed once, it may not be profitable to invest time in cultivating the necessary specialized knowledge and money in the required technology.

We gladly provide technology and specialist knowledge and complete the task as a service.


Deep technical knowledge on products like the OpenText Documentum platform, Box, Microsoft SharePoint, Adlib Enterprise.

Technical cleanup

The document papers are reviewed and returned will be searchable, legible documents without duplicates or defective files with registration of technical information about each document.

Data migration

Documents with associated metadata and history migrate into a document management system. On the way, for example, more metadata can be added or the documents can be converted to a current format.

Document Maintenance

The old archives with deleted formats are reviewed and returned as fresh readable, searchable documents in the desired format.


Generating an episode to the archives. We can establish the entire episode or just convert the documents.

Mass Conversion to PDF

All files are converted to a pdf format and returned. Possibly. can be labeled with technical information about the document printed.