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Recognition: An Automated Identifier of your information

It does not matter whether your documents needs to be scanned or are born digitally. Recognition software can replace manual document-sorting and data-entry processes with automatic document recognition and data capture.

Depending on the user case, the choice of technology can be everything from the most basic software in a company's copy- ans scanning machine to a highly intelligent and advanced recognition tool. If more than scanning and conversion abilities are needed, a real recognition tool is relevant. These tools usually need to be taught how to recognize specific data in documents, and as new documents continue to come, there will be a constant development related to the tool. Therefore,
it is crucial to consider not only present needs, but also the ease of keeping the tool aligned with ever-changing business needs. The tool should be able to 'learn' or the configuration of new recognition schemas should be fast and simple.

Based on experience it is best to render your documents to a uniform and machine-readable format before injecting them into the recognition software.

Captiva Advanced Recognition

Captiva as is a well consolidated and advanced recognition software from OpenText, one Strator often recommend based on its reasonable pricing, advanced and stable technology and flexible maintenance. Some key features are:

  • Intelligent Document Recognition: Recognises the type of a document
  • Intelligent Data Capture: Once┬áthe type of document is identified, it recognises and extracts information
  • Business Rules and Validation: Based on the information captured, it can use business rules to check the accuracy of the captured data, handle exceptions and route the documents to the next step in the process
  • Automatic Document Learning: Learns while being used, thus maintenance and keeping up with business needs is relieved

Lastly, it supports several languages, recognized handwriting, uses the most advanced text recognition technology (OCR) and is excellent in working with understanding tables and several other features.

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