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Maintenance of Archives

Proactive archiving: Keep your information secure and accessible

Archives must be maintaned. We have collected the work involved in the term Proactive Archiving, which means that information is filed safely and in accordance with the law but at the same time it is easy in everyday life and that information is always readily available for the business and in a usable format.

A good archiving and document management system and a policy to archive do not do it alone. In order to facilitate the everyday lives of users, the processes of filing must be considered and where there are time-consuming steps, compensation is required. We have seen that even small add-ons to the tools used every day can ease a lot. Employees want to comply with company policies - including archiving - to their best ability, but they must be able to perform their work without irritating or even preventing natural workflows. Therefore, the process must be simple, fast and in a logical flow with the various functions.

Get the documents into the archive, as the first crucial step. It may be that employees can categorize the information during archiving so that it can be retrieved. But it may also be useful or even necessary to use classification technologies. Correct categorization is a prerequisite for the good features of most document or archive systems that can be utilized to retrieve, distribute, update and delete can be utilized to simplify everyday life.

One aspect of maintaining an archive that is often overlooked must be mentioned briefly, namely that the archived material must be readable at all times. It's so bad to reach out to a customer who has a neat file of tape that no longer gets machines to read or documents in a deleted format where the document is unreadable with the programs you have today. We recommend that you have a strategy for this. A strategy can be to convert all documents into a searchable PDF format. Another may be to upgrade the documents as you upgrade the software (for example, change to a new Word version). Both parts can be done with conversion technologies so it does not have to be done manually.