PDF Merging

PDF Merging: Compiling Multiple Files into One File and One Layout

Compiling multiple files for the creation of complex PDF files can be a difficult and cumbersome process. In many regulated industries, the lay-out and the look-and-feel of documents can be of great importance.
Based on conversion technology we have a solution for compiling, merging and creating files that exactly adhere to your templates and lay-outs. It provides the ability to create cover pages, table of contents, chapter pages, indexes, page numbering, headers, footers, watermarks and much more.
More importantly though, it can save document creators and admins a lot of time in checking, preparing and compiling documents. In many cases, document administrators need to make last minute updates in files, shift chapters around or add important information to an existing document set. Our solution pre-creates the content of files individually and with one click, compiles and merges all these files together into meaningful content that looks and feels as one document.
Examples of usage:
  • Compiling  documents from multiple files
  • Creating board meeting agenda’s by compiling files into a larger file with tables of contents, cover pages, chapters, page numbering, etc.
  • Creating a PDF book with meaningful Table of Contents and cover pages for presentations
  • Compiling PowerPoint files, word files and others into handout material for presentations and trainings.
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