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PDF Merging: Collection of several files into just one single-file file

An example

You have many different files in different formats and need to collect it for a nice uniform release. For example, there is a board meeting and the agenda has many items, each of which has some materials behind it delivered by different people. You want to collect a cohesive nice material with a cover page, the agenda and the different materials with one font, header, footer, continuous page numbering etc. After long-term Word gymnastics, you get it all together and ready to send off it. Just then you will receive an email with a correction to material in the third agenda item, which must be inserted and page numbering, table of contents etc. must be restored.

We see our customers struggling with several different issues during the preparation of these "books". It's hard to maintain a consistent look-and-feel, keeping an eye on last-minute changes and still being on time with publication and distribution. The recipients / readers of the material can not be assumed to be able to read all possible formats, but on the other hand, we can be sure that they are read on PC, Mac, phones, tablets, etc.

With conversion technologies, word (and other) templates and a little technical effort you can come really far. We have previously made a small solution for the example above with meeting materials, which could in essence:

  • Accept virtually all document types
  • Allow creation of uniform look templates
  • Prepare as much as possible as early as possible, so the final publication is a matter of seconds
  • Provide full dynamic control over Table of Contents, Chapter Cover, Headers / Footers, etc.
  • Provide compression and publishing to PDF and PDF / A, ensuring readability on all types of devices
  • Create and paste agenda page including participants, time and meeting information, etc.
  • Press watermark, for example, on confidentiality or unambiguous numbering

In general

Based on conversion technology, we have a solution suitable for compiling, compiling, and creating files that exactly match your templates and layout. It allows to create cover pages, table of contents, chapter pages, indexes, page numbers, headings, footers, watermarks and more.
More importantly, it can save document writers and administrators a lot of time controlling, preparing, and compiling documents. In many cases, document administrators must make last-minute updates in files, move chapters around, or add important information to an existing document. Our solution prints the contents of files individually and with a single click, compiles and merges all these files into meaningful content that looks and feels like one document.

Examples of application:

  • Creating Board Meeting Materials by compiling files with table of contents, cover pages, chapters, page editing, etc.
  • Creating a PDF book with a meaningful table of contents and cover pages for presentations
  • Compile PowerPoint files, Word files, and other hand-out materials for presentations and training

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