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Clients: Public and Service

Document Managment in the Public Sector

Strator has a long list of clients and projects across various different industries. We are experts in working with documents, content, data and information - at times of  confidential matter. Therefore we do not publish our end-clients details, however the character and highlights of some of our projects are described.

Public, Denmark: National Archives Document Conversion
Converting of a series of document archives to TIFF according the standards of the Danish National Archive (Rigsarkivet). The tool used for the rendering is an onsite Adlib PDF Enterprise installation. Millions of documents have been converted.

Public, Denmark: System Administrator Training
Custom workshops on Kazeon.

Public, Denmark: Document Archive Upgrade
Upgrade document archive technology based on Documentum.

Public, Denmark: Sensitive Information Migration
Detection and migration of sensitive information from non-secure areas to a secure document archive.

Public, Denmark: Case Management System Upgrade
Existing custom document management system replaced with a standard system based on Documentum including document migration.

Public, Denmark: Collaborative Document Platform
Collaborative document platform for exchange for high sensitive person-linked information across the firewall.


Service, Denmark: Document Management System Migration
Establish a new Documentum platform in the Danish offices and migrate content from the old document management system placed in Belgium and retire the old application.

Service, Denmark: Document Management System
Establish a Documentum D2 platform, draw up an architecture and train customer team to configure and develop their solution by show and tell and co-working. Ad hoc assistance.

Services, Denmark: Supporter Training
Custom workshops on Documentum operations and system administration.