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Clients: Energy and Production

Document Management Clients in Energy and Production

Strator has a long list of clients and projects across various different industries. We are experts in working with documents, content, data and information - at times of  confidential matter. Therefore we do not publish our end-clients details, however the character and highlights of some of our projects are described.

Energy, Denmark: Document Control
20+ years’ worth of research documentation cleaned out, classified and organized.

Energy, Denmark: Document Management System Implementation
Support a local office in the records management implementation based on Documentum and SharePoint rolled out from headquarter in the USA. Localization of filing plans, procedures etc. and change management. Classifying local documents for upload.

Energy, Norway: Document Management and audit
Damage control and quick reversal of failed customer led document management implementation with severe audit findings. Fast new basic document classification and filing structure, implemented in SharePoint. Preparation for re-auditing by government agency. Re-involvement of users and change management.

Energy, Denmark: Rendering
Establish rendering solution and integrate to document management systems.


Production, Denmark: Documentum Operations
Day-to-day operational support of Documentum environment over a longer period with a vacancy.

Production, Denmark: Technical Documentation Archive
Solution archival of technical documentation based on Documentum upgraded.

Production, Denmark: Rendering
Configuration of distributed high volume rendering

Production, Denmark: Search Engine Configuration
Upgrade to new search technology and configuration of search engine, Documentum xplore.

Production, Denmark: Documentum Support
Ad hoc support to operational issues on Documentum platform.