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National Archives

The Danish National Archive requires documents rendered in a specific TIFF based format and collected in a predefined structure. Strator has developed a special service targeting this specific need. Services corresponding to the requirements of other national archives can be developed on request.

The assignment to deliver for the Danish National Archives consists of three main elements:

  1. Extract documents and metadata from the case system
  2. Converting files to delivery format
  3. Collection of documents and metadata in a delivery structure

We can help it all or stand for parts of the episode.

Strator is specialists in converting documents. Today we can convert over 600 different formats. We have established a service based on internationally recognized products, which we have set up to comply with the special Danish standards.

We offer to convert the files  as a service on our equipment, or set up an on-site conversion solution on yours. We also offer to take care of other / all parts of the delivery to national archives.

Our solution ensures that:

  • The TIFF files are uniform regardless of the original size
  • Over 600 formats are supported without further configuration
  • The generation process runs in a professional tool with monitoring of operation and high scalability
  • The document archive is unaffected by the generation process

We will enter close cooperation with the supplier of your case handling system.

Conversion Service

The cost of converting office documents depends on how many pages are to be converted and how quickly it should be done. Fortunately, it's rarely going strong, and the cheapest is to do a serial conversion of document, but as illustrated below, parallel conversion can be set but with a rise in price as a result.

Number of documentsConversion time / daysPrice / DKkr

We have learned that case management databases, which have a good mix of documents, mails and miscellaneous materials, have approx. 4 pages per document, and prices are subject to the condition. It may be quite different with you, but we can help you find an estimate of the average page number and thus give you a fair price. Specialist documents such as CAD drawings can also be converted, but are not included here. The above prices are by conversion with us.

Conversion Solution

Strator can establish a conversion engine for you - either for continuous conversion or for a project. Therefore, the solution can be bought or rented depending on the need.

There are consultancy services for setting up the conversion service, and then the conversion product must be licensed. Here are the prices for a short term rent and a permanent purchase listed.

Installation and configuration 1 server50.000 DKkr
License rental 3 months75.000 DKkr
License purchase 1 server165.000 DKkr
1 year support and maintenance, purchased license23 % per year

We assume that you or your service provider ensures that environments are ready (we will specify them).

All prices are indicative. We would like to offer to review the actual conditions in your case make a binding offer.

What does it require to convert documents?

The Danish National Archive requires a document to be delivered in a particular format in a particular structure. That sounds in itself is not very complicated. We have at Strator made it a specialty to convert documents, but converting documents is just simply opening the file and printing it - not on paper but in the desired file format. This is known, for example, from Word when choosing Save as PDF - a conversion is made to PDF.

In principle, this is what must be done with all files that must be handed to the archives. How could that be a specialty for experienced IT people like us? The devil is in the detali .; The devil is in the detail, and there is a significant part of the explanation. Another part of the explanation is in volumes. It's typically hundreds of thousands or millions of files that are about. Here's a little insight into some of the details that make this a specialty - even for those with great experience.