Mailbox Cleanup

Mailbox Archiving: Control Mixed e-mails and Attachments

Mailboxes, especially shared mailboxes, often hold large quantities of mixed information and be challenging to control. The new General Data Protection Regulation makes it even more relevant to go through a professional clean-up of all mails and attachments.

Let us archive your mailbox content and reduce the manual clean-up task.

Strator's mailbox archiving service is a no-nonse technical service that can:

  • separate mail attachments from mail bodies or combine them into one
  • convert the mails to an agreed archiving format (typically PDF/a)
  • remove identical duplicates
  • register technical information of the mails, such as subject, sender and mailbox path (individual needs)
  • apply watermarking/headers/footers (individual needs)

We can receive your mailbox files and run the service for you or potentially set up a local service at your place. After the mailbox archiving service, you will receive your mails back tagged and ready for import into your archive or in some cases we can make the archiving directly for you.

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