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Windows 10 checked against the GDPR

GDPR, data protectionYesterday (13/10/17) there were two articles on the Danish national radio website,, about the GDPR. We are not used to this type of attention to out subject matter. Strator here briefly puts the two articles in context. Here the one about Windows 10.This article – about Windows 10 – is about the […]

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Information Personal Privacy GDPR

GDPR – Public Sector in Denmark

Persondatafordningen, Databekyttelsesloven, Den nye persondatalov, GDPR – kært barn…I går (13/10/17) var der hele to artikler på om vores persondatalovgivning. Vi er ikke normalt forkælet med opmærksomhed om vores fagområde. Strator sætter de to nyheder ganske kort i deres faglige kontekst. Her den om bøder til det offentlige.Persondataforordningen er vedtaget af EU og gælder derfor […]

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Document Capture


Document Capture: Identify and Catch the Right InformationCapture is the general term for the process of ensuring the right documents are being ‘caught’ and sent for proper processing. It does not matter if they are externally or internally produced documents, what format they are or how they originated.Whether a document is born digitally or scanned, […]

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Press print

Document Conversion Explained

We have at Strator made it a specialty to convert documents for example for delivery to the Danish National Archives. Converting documents is just opening the file and printing it – not on paper, but in the desired file format. This is well-known in for example Word when chosing to Save As  PDF – the […]

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FDA Compliant Rendering

Document PDF Conversion

Document PDF Conversion: A Business NeedDocument Conversion to PDF is necessary for long-term archival, but it is also a business need to standardise unstructured content for effective data management, consistency, efficiency and compliance.When did you last receive a document you could not open? And even from a colleague? Having an automated central PDF conversion set up […]

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Fileshare Cleanup

Fileshare Cleanup

Fileshare Clean-up: Gain Control of Miscellaneous Information Fileshares often hold large quantities of miscellaneous information and pose the threat of losing control. The new General Data Protection Regulation makes it even more pertinent to go through a professional clean-up of documents and data. Let us pre-process your fileshare to reduce the manual clean-up task.Strator’s Technical Clean-up service […]

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