Information Upgrade

Information Upgrade: Upgrade Digital Information for Future use

Do you have:

  • old information in old formats?
  • poor document quality?
  • the latest software not working well with old document formats?
  • time wasted, due to data searches or manual data extraction?

Or perhaps your company was quick to get all documentation scanned - however the quality is now extremely poor? Would you need quality improvement on old scans whilst getting it OCR treated and converted into long-term formats to increase searchability?

The digital era is quite dynamic, to say the least. Therefore it is important if not crucial to keep up with the ever-transformation. Formats get old in time if they are not upgraded, and eventually will pose a great risk by information loss. 

Strator’s Information Upgrade service is based on the newest conversion technology that recognizes any format and convert any digital document format and data to readable and searchable documents. This allows quality in your digital information, regulatory compliance, helps protect your data and saves tons of valuable hours better utilized elsewhere.

We can convert almost all formats to any wished format. It could be CAD to PDF, PDF to TIFF, or old .wp (WordPerfect) to the latest .docx. It is straightforward, secure and it is a long-term investment. While converting it is possible not only to upgrade the information, but additionally improve the quality and add OCR. 

The project is simple and quick, it can resolve loads of otherwise complicated information issues and increase overall efficiency by easy identification and extraction of your upgraded information's content. 


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We can also work with sound, picture or video formats. One of the more interesting usages of this technology is to transcribe sounds files to text. If you save the transcribed text with your sound file, you can for example now search for it.

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