GDPR - Advisory and Assistance

  • Are large amounts of data to be brought under control?
  • Is your infrastructure to be walked though and described?
  • Do you lack extra hands or the experiebce for the tast??

Strator offers practical help based on solid experience

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Experienced Practical Advisory

Only some organisations must have a DPO (Data Protection Officer), but all organisations do need the subject matter expertise of one in the initial phase - one, who has the project overview and insight across the involved subject areas. 

Strator can enter into the role of DPO, as we have worked with personal data since it was not modern. Data volumes and the pressure on IT-security have grown explosively, and it is crucial that, in addition to the administrative capacity, there is a solid technical understanding in the role as well as an ability to communicate above the academic boundaries. It requires experience, why Strator offers access to experienced people in the subject in different forms depending on needs and budget.

Document and Data Clean-up: Expert Assistance and Effective Technologies

Documents and data: Walkthrough and clean-up
In connection with the new GDPR, the need for thorough and professional clean-up is now very relevant. Strator's combination of information management and technology knowledge makes it possible to facilitate an otherwise heavy and manual task with pragmatic technology.

In collaboration with Scandinavian Information Audit, a well-proven process, which Tine Weirsøe has been using successfully for many years, is now offered with technological support. Tine Weirsøe - records manager and owner of Scandinavian Information Audit - has been working for more than 30 years with archiving, auditing by standards within these types of projects.

Technological support for clean-up
Something like simple calculation of checksum or conversion of documents are examples of some of the simple tools that Strator pulls out from the bag when cleaning up needs to be done without a big budget. Is there budget for it, there are highly advanced intelligent solutions for automatic classification that are incredibly useful. Depending on your reality, we find the right level together.

Read about some of our ways to assist clean-up:

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