Fileshare Cleanup

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Fileshare Clean-up: Gain Control of Miscellaneous Information

Fileshares often hold large quantities of miscellaneous information and pose the threat of losing control.

The new General Data Protection Regulation makes it even more pertinent to go through a professional clean-up of documents and data. Let us pre-process your fileshare to reduce the manual clean-up task.

Strator's Technical Clean-up service is technical service that will simplify your clean-up work. It is a no-nonsense service that can:

  • convert the documents to a readable format
  • make thumbnails of the documents for fast browsing in Windows
  • make documents searchable
  • remove identical duplicates
  • separate mail attachments from mail bodies or combine them into one
  • check consistency and validity of the documents
  • register technical information of the documents (individual needs)
  • apply watermarking/headers/footers (individual needs)

We can receive your files and run the service for you or potentially set up a local service in your organisation. After the Technical Clean-up your manual work task is significantly reduced.

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