Your Digital
Documents Handled Right.

Always find the right documents. Our services help you migrate, classify, and maintain your digital documents to secure your business knowledge.

15+ years

Experience within technological and business management of digital documents.

20+ clients

Within industries such as Life-Science, Aviation, Public Sector, Energy, Oil, and Banking.

150+ projects

In document analysis, migration, classification, conversion, and archiving, and business handling.


Incorrect document practices are extremely costly.

Managing documents in enterprises can be complex and frustrating. We know. Our clients experience this often.

Incompliant Handling

You would not pass FDA, EMA, GDPR, ISO, or others, if audited.

Losing Time and Money

Critical information is scattered across various documents and locations.

Risking Your Reputation

Potentially ruining relationships and trust of stakeholders and customers.


We Help You Empower Your Documents.

Hire Strators specialist and secure the value of your documents and practice. FDA, ISO, GDPR. We know what needs doing and get you there on time.

System to System Migration

Move from old document system to new safely, on time.

Classification and Conversion

Save valuable resources finding and searching documents.

Archival and Maintenance

Never worry again about losing your historic knowledge assets.

Life Science Specialities

GxP Data Migration

Ensure your data migration complies with all regulatory requirements, done right, on time.

CRO Data Import

Ensure data traceability when importing data from your CRO and suppliers.


Free advisory and quote

Get a call and meeting. We help you identify where your project is and what you need to be aware of.


Guidance and Lift-assist

We help you control your document project and management, documented all throughout the project.


Your Business Empowered

Your documents and people connected to optimize your business processes and value.

In Good Company

As preferred partners in Scandinavia we help you balance and optimize technology and business needs in connection to your document projects.

fme’s Migration Center is particularly suited for Life-Science with large document migrations, division, and simulation.

Adlibs platform is used by more than 95% of the Life Science industry for conversion and rendering vast content amounts.

Cases we helped.

Severe audit findings and frustrated employees

A Norwegian client in the Energy sector consulted for crisis management and a quick turn-around of a failed implementation… 

Fully controlled import of CRO eTMF's

A Danish customer in the pharma-industry regularly receive eTMf’s from CROs that need imporiting into own system…

We have helped more than 100 customers improve their document handling practices. You will find valuable inspiration in some of those cases. Go check them out.

Get Your Digital Documents Handled Right