Reduce eTMF import errors and get product to market faster.

Get fully controlled import of investigatror eTMF to your document system

Comply with GCP and avoid regulatory documentation incidents

Proven software and project model for your ease of mind

Fast error detection

We help you detect damaged and corrupt files before they end up in your systems.

Guided by DIAs model

Reduces risks to a minimum and ensures you comply with regulatory demands.

Data integrity maintained

We help you in all project phases and provide documentation throughout.

Trial Master File Challenges

Not all TMFs are made equal.

As a sponsor, you are most dependent on investigator studies in your go-to-market. You just never know exactly what expect from the documentation.

Errors keep pouring in

Wrong formats, damaged files, and obscure structures slow your development processes.

Differing eTMF standards

Investigator eTMFs differ significantly from your systems and are not mapped correctly.

Growing regulatory risks

You cannot afford having to shut down product development at any time.

The Strator Model

Get Low Risk, GCP-Ready eTMF Import.

Avoid incorrect import with Strator’s iterative project model and technology, ensuring full control of your eTMF import.

Full control. Always

Get safe, stringent, tested, and documented handling of your eTMF data import with Strator's model and specialists.

Hear how we can help you succeed with your import today.

Import Migrate Consolidate Classify Extend
eTMF Studies Correctly.

We help you safeguard all document data is imported and mapped correctly to your systems, regardless of your internal systems.

Safe, controlled import

Get fully controlled import of eTMFs before they enter your document systems.

Continuous high performance

Strator's combined technology and business acumen help you maintain performance.

Correct, every time

Based on DIA's reference model, we help you reduce regulatory risks and incidents.

Technology partner

Globally Vetted. Locally Applied.

We have vetted the strongest and most flexible technology in the field. German fme AG’s migration-center always ensures GCP-ready data import.

migration-center is especially suited for Life-Science data import, simulation, and test, ensuring GxP throughout.


For strictly regulated industries

Reducer risici med data validering, indhold intigritets-tjek, og logning.

Real-time simulation and test

Before import with on/offline simulation, automated error handling, and rollback.

High performance scalability​

No volume restrictions on parallel processing of imported data.

Cost-efficient application

Reducer tid og budget med få-til-ingen tilpasset scripting.

Afprøvet og bevist software

migration-center is a leading provider of strict compliance document migration.

Tried and tested model

With Strators expertise you get the right technical and business know-how.

Work in unison

Collaborating to get you the right specialists for your migration project.

For your success

Guiding you towards a successful, no compromise GxP-ready data migration.

Our customers win

Strator helped us qualify our modern technology platform and established standards for the systematic import of external data, which have reduced errors significantly.

Project Lead at Global Life-Science Customer


Free assessment and quote

Get a call and meeting. We help you identify where your project is and what you need to be aware of.


Guidance and assistance

We help you control your document project and management, documented all throughout the project.


Your business empowered

Your documents and people connected to optimize your business processes and value.

Ready for Correct, Low-Risk Import?


Dig Deeper Into Data Import.

Data import, Trial Master Files, DIA Reference Model, Formatting, Mapping… We help you get sorted with all things data import and migration.