Compliance is about controlling the processes and being able to document this. A project with compliance as a theme can be prompted by the organization having to comply with new laws, standards or internal guidelines. But it can also be started by a desire in the organization to improve.

When Strator participates in such projects, we typically help the organization with:

  • Establish the necessary quality processes for handling information / archiving
  • To specify, select and implement an IT system to contain the quality system

ISO standards

We typically work with ISO 15489, which is the standard for records management when we help to get the processes for collecting and archiving information in place, while for quality management in general, the ISO 9001 is very useful.

General Data Protection Regulation, GDPR

In the past one to two years, many compliance-related projects have had the General Data Protection Regulation, GDPR, as the focal point. These projects have often had a major element of cleanup in old information to achieve compliance. This task seems insurmountable to many, but there is no way around it. We have made it our specialty to clean up. Read more about classification here.



In many industries, external auditors regularly pass by, and in others, you just want to measure yourself or collaborators against standards. Audit is also a great tool for self-evaluation of an organization and a good basis for making changes, whether the wish is to improve something or anticipate a situation. Some of Strator’s consultants are trained auditors, and we use that knowledge to support customers in working with audit as tools and in preparation for audit. We do not offer audits but instead refer to partners.

Strator offers

Strator’s advice is based both on our knowledge of technologies, on our knowledge from document and records management and our insight into ISO standards and auditing. We offer both advise and to provide extra experience and labor in these bulky projects.


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