More Than Documents.

Our mission is to make unstructured data easy to search and retrieve. Cost-effective, effective, on time. To free up documentation time and resources within tightly regulated environments.



We are industry leaders in migrating, classifying, and archiving digital documents.


We are pragmatist and approach your needs and challenges where you are.


We always speak our mind and work towards solving your projects in the most optimal manner.

Cristina Ursta Anghel
Claus Bo Bonde
Jonas Rongsted
Laust Peter Laustsen
Mette Lund
Nicolai Harbech
Per Zester
Rikke Neerup Poulsen
Vibeke Bugge Kristiansen
Laura Kristiansen
Sebastian Kjær

Strator in brief

Since 2008, Strator has specialized in Enterprise Document Management (EDM), focusing supporting demanding document and information processes.

Strator gazelle


Founded in 2008 by Vibeke Bugge Kristiansen. In 2010, Per Zester joined and provided the technical level within the Documentum platform, helping Strator gain significant market recognition.


Strator continued to strenghten its focus and efforts in Documentum document migration and handling, helping us become the leading provider of EDM services in Scandinavia.


In 2014, Strator won a Børsen Gazelle price for several years of robust growth. In the same year we were awarded the Dell EMC Gold Partnership (OpenText today) for our technical expertise.


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