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Efficient information flows, intelligent technology and good classification are the basis for compliance and automation.
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We are overwhelmed by the Information Masses

Historical information masses and the influx of new information put pressure on organizations. The need for cleanup and for automation is growing. Many organizations have systems for archiving and automation, but the barrier is to get the information therein:
  • Capture relevant documents or data
  • Identify the type
  • Extract metadata
  • Archive in ERP, ECM, CRM, HR and other systems
  • Start automated flow in the system
Systematic classification of documents ensures compliance and allows for automation. The classification itself can also be automated.

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New Technological Options

The limit for the possible and available is pushed by amongst other things artificial intelligence and cloud-based services. The development goes fast just now. Also for Danish budgets new opportunities for technological support open up, including to:
  • Clean up old documents
  • Finding Personal Data (PII)
  • Get common drives under control
  • Search audio and video
  • Renew documents in old formats
It can be difficult to keep up with the latest news in a busy day. Strator's blog posts are written for information officers and can be received as newsletters (Danish only). In addition, we teach, make presentations and seminars, etc. Learn more about courses etc. here .

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Specialist knowledge about and technology for


Standards and legislation must be adhered to, and it must be compatible with a productive and busy working day.

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An ongoing solution to the classification challenge or a "one-off" cleanup.

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Establishment and maintenance of electronic archives. Clean up and gain control over common drives.

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Product Specialists

Deep technical expertise, including on the OpenText Documentum platform, Box, Microsoft SharePoint, Adlib Enterprise.

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Life sciences

We have a lot of experience in life sciences and several technologies and services can be specialized.

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National archives, document maintenance, format conversion, cleanup, migration and other one-off tasks.

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