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Documentum is an enterprise content management platform built for internationally distributed content management environments. Strator has been a Documentum Partner from the founding of the company and is specialised in tailoring, configuring, maintaining and tuning the Documentum suite for large, Scandinavian enterprises.

We do any type of technical work related to the Documentum platform. Of course implementation projects, but also as described below for example upgrade projects or on a more operational node - systematic maintenance.


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Documentum Upgrade

Are your company in need of - or are you in the process of - upgrading OpenText Documentum 6.5 or 6.7 or 7.x? An extra factor to keep in mind when performing this upgrade, is that the rendering engine is changing, and there are several ways to go. 

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Documentum Maintenance

To ensure and maintain satisfactory performance and stability of a Documentum installation it is necessary to perform a number of maintenance tasks on a regular basis. Let us set up regular maintenance of your system.

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The Documentum Suite and Solutions

In the last two decades, the value of content and information has increased for most companies in a wide range of industries. Some industries have extremely demanding environments compared to others, however, with the digital transformation most industries a complete content strategy is now a necessity.

Documentum is an enterprise content management platform built for internationally distributed content management environments. It complies with interoperability standards, which make it easier to interface with other business systems in the enterprise.

The Documentum suite provides:

  • Content analytics to automatically extract metadata and classify content
  • A repository to securely store content under compliance rules
  • Search function distributed to several search engines
  • Customer- and Partner communication management
  • Business Process Management
  • ...and much more.

With the increased focus on digitalisation and content transformation the need for a 'system for them all' is more necessary now than before.

We have learned that an investment in an enterprise content management system improves cross-functional business processes, regulatory compliance, communication across business units, decreases search time, data re-buys, information losses and administration time.

SharePoint and Documentum

A key add-on is Informed Consulting's own SharePoint Add-in for Documentum (SPA4D). The unique technology of SPA4D produces an all-in-one connection and integration between Microsoft SharePoint and the Documentum platform. 

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Documentum Life Science Suite

The Life Science industry is an industry facing growing challenges - on the information management perspective challenges such as mergers and acquisitions, national and international law and regulations changes are matters that must be addressed urgently.

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