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Documentum Specialists

Strator has been a Documentum Partner from the founding of the company and is specialized in tailoring the Documentum package to large companies.

Documentum is an enterprise content management platform built for internationally distributed content management environments. Strator has been a Documentum Partner from the founding of the company and is specialized in tailoring the Documentum package for large companies.

The Documentum core platform covers Webtop, D2 and Content Server. Most common add-on modules are ADTS or CTS for document conversion and Xplore for full text indexing. A common thrid party component is FirstDoc for Life Sciences companies.

We carry out any kind of technical work on the Documentum platform - also in GxP environments, such as:

  • Advise and complete a technical implementation
  • Develop custom solutions or add-ons to Documentum
  • Migrate data from a previous system
  • Clean up and classify data on common drives and the like and import to Documentum
  • Upgrade existing platform
  • Take care of ongoing maintenance of the platform

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Documentum Upgrade: Planning and Executing Upgrade Projects

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If it's time to upgrade an existing Documentum environment, many questions and concerns can arise. Some of them are:

  • What are the project steps?
  • How long does the project take?
  • What are the costs?
  • Is there a best practice?

In particular, many companies now upgrade from their existing Documentum 6.5 or 6.7 environments to 7.x. One thing to be particularly keen on in this upgrade is the conversion engine. The conversion engine changes from 6.x to 7.x and there are some important choices to take. Strator has been confronted with this several times before and we have the knowledge to advise.

Strator also has extensive experience in planning, sharing and implementing upgrade projects. Whether it's questions, project planning, implementation or simply assessing the impact, we will provide our best advice and assistance based on our Documentum experience and expertise.

Documentum Maintenance Checks: Maintain a satisfactory performance

To ensure and maintain satisfactory performance and stability in a Documentum installation, it is necessary to perform a variety of maintenance tasks on a regular basis.

The frequency of maintenance checks depends on the following:

  • Configuration - the number and types of Documentum components used, underlying operating and database systems, etc.
  • Total size of installation - Number, size and distribution of Docbases
  • Use of the installation number for simultaneous users, usage feeds, etc.

Strator offers a series of checks of your company's Documentum environment and installation. The reviews will result in a report on status and recommendations.

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