Document Quality Improvement

Document Quality Improvement: Readability, Usability and Searchability

As the digital age came over the industrial world, companies were quick to respond and comply by getting their all documentation and data digitalised. However, these scanned documents are now not living up to its value, as readability and searchability can be difficult.

When the text in a scanned document is of low quality, askew or in any way difficult to read properly, the quality can in many cases get marginally improve while making the document searchable in the same process.

The technique is simple and rather familiar; the scanned file is treated with OCR (Optical Character Recognition) whereafter a PDF file is generated with the content. The recognised text will then appear significantly clearer and also now be searchable.

This requires that the text in the document is recognised correctly. At long last the arrival of an OCR engine with sufficient quality has arrived on the market, ensuring success for these projects.

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