Document and Data Cleanup

Data and Document Clean-up: Expert Assistance and Efficient Technologies

We have services and technologies to fit all needs for conversion. Even a special offer for Danish customers fit for Rigsarkivet. Furthermore we offer specialist help and technologies to support cleaning up of data and documents.

Clean up of data and documents

In connection with the new Personal Data Protection Regulation the need for a thorough and professional clean-up now highly relevant.

Strator has, in cooperation with Tine Weirsøe, energized the clean-up process, which is based on the well-proven manual process that Tine Weirsøe has used with great success for many years. Tine Weirsøe - a Records Management expert and owner of Scandinavian Information Audit -  has worked for more than 30 years with archiving, standards auditing within these types of projects.  Strator will fuel this collaboration by supplying the technological experience and solutions in document management solutions

Old data in old systems

After several years of operation, extensions and transition to new systems, it is often the case that parts of the data get out of control and thus pose a problem in relation to meet the new requirements of the Personal Data Protection Regulation. Other problems can be old systems do no longer have the ability to be updated or changed to meet the new demands, or the system is effectively out of service and just stand idly by as a container of data and documents.

Again a clean-up is necessary. When systems can be abolished and data and documents are moved to a new archive, which typically provides great operational savings, systematized data while be applied with appropriate retention tag and in the process documents can be converted to long-term formats.


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Read the article (in Danish) in Berlingske Business on Strator's cleanup offerings in relation to the new EU Personal Data Protection Regulation: ER DIN VIRKSOMHED KLAR TIL PERSONDATAFORORDNINGEN – HAR I RYDDET OP?

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