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Conversion Technology

Document conversion is necessary or practical to comply with a string of requirements (eg from the FDA and the The Danish National Archives), compared to saving information available after posterity and fairly practical in everyday life, avoiding opening documents and getting a uniform, professional look.

You do not need to have its own conversion technology in the house - you can use an online conversion service. Keep in mind, however, that information is sent out of the house and who and where it is sent. There are solid, secure solutions. We would like to advise and, by the way, set one up for yourself, 100% guaranteed on Danish soil.

A conversion technology is a good investment in ensuring documents are readable in the future and that what is sent out of the house looks uniform and professional. But in addition - a little depending on technology - a lot of other options to exploit technology in contexts you may not normally think about:

  • watermark / unambiguous labeling of released materials
  • collection of many documents in one with uniform header, footer, page numbers, etc.
  • conversion to pdf or pdf / a for long-term archiving (or tiff to the archives)
  • Continuous upgrade of documents to current software format (eg by new word version)
  • Converting audio to text, so a tape recording becomes searchable
  • removal of words / redaction


DocShifter is a very intuitive, fast-moving conversion engine. Drag-drop combines where documents come from, what should happen to them and where to return. There are many small modules that provide a high degree of flexibility in the product. Docshifter offers, as something special, including converting audio to text.

Adilb PDF Enterprise

Adlib PDF Enterprise converts over 600 formats to pdf, html or tiff. It is an incredibly strong platform for very large amounts and is made as a real enterprise platform with, for example, a solid administrative interface for ongoing follow-up on operations. As a special, Adlib PDF Enterprise offers anonymization.