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Classification, Discovery and Cleanup

Technical cleanup, discovery and auto-classification are potential technological tools if large amounts of data and documents are stored on common drives, in mailboxes, etc., which are not under control. The GDPR makes it even more relevant to carry out thorough and professional clean-up of documents and data.

Discovery and automatic classification

Discovery and classification can be tool-supported with known technologies like enterprise search engines and software known from scanning products. With these you can lift information from documents and thereby classify the documents or browse the documents for eg personal numbers. If you have many documents with relatively uniform appearance, these can be quite excellent solutions. 

With the development of cognitive technologies, natural language processing and artificial intelligence, the possibilities expand significantly and the work to be put into setup and use of tools is reduced. These tools can handle even loads of documents that are very heterogeneous and to provide documents with personal information - not just personal numbers.

Right now we are testing such a tool with a customer. Contact us to hear how it goes or follow our blog, Strator Learn.

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Technical Cleanup

For at technical cleanup relatively common conversion technology and other smaller tools can be utilized in connection with cleanup on common drives to amongst other things:

  • Convert the documents to a readable format
  • Create thumbnails of the quick browsing documents in Windows
  • make documents searchable
  • remove duplicate duplicates
  • Separate mail attachments from the body text or combine them with one
  • Check the consistency and validity of the documents
  • record technical information about the documents (individual needs)
  • print watermark / headers / footers (individual needs)

We can set up the technology up at your place or receive your files and run the service for you. After the technical cleanup, your manual assignment has been significantly reduced.

Structured cleanup and disposal

Cleanup is an adult task. Often, in the pile of non-organized information, one finds documentation of important business decisions or important business benefits that, for business or legal reasons, should not be lost at the cleanup. The care that this requires is in stark contrast to the urgency to work with, as it is typically a huge amount of information - millions of documents. Strator and Scandinavian Information Audit complement each other in a controlled cleanup and disposal process, supported by tooling.

Structured cleanup and disposal is a discipline that Scandinavian Information Audit by Tine Weirsøe has been successful with for many years, based on Tine's professional position as Denmark's leading records management expert. Tine has worked with archiving and auditing according to standards in these types of projects for more than 30 years. As the amount of information over the years has grown, the process remains the same, but now it is a necessity to supplement with some degree of automation and tool support.