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Document Capture


Document Capture: Identify and Catch the Right InformationCapture is the general term for the process of ensuring the right documents are being ‘caught’ and sent for proper processing. It does not matter if they are externally or internally produced documents, what format they are or how they originated.Whether a document is born digitally or scanned, […]

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Born Digital

Born Digital Information in need of Upgrade

Does your business have PDF documentation in poor quality? Or perhaps unusable TIF files? Unknown extension? Information upgrades and automation processes for digital documentation is increasing its relevance. Whether it is a lack of properly designed technology, complex business processes, or upgrade/maintain across the whole area of Information Technology is difficult to determine. However, the life cycle of […]

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Archive Robot document automation

Robotterne kommer: Hvad har det med os at gøre?

Der er meget snak lige nu i medierne om robotter, og hvordan de vil overtage vores arbejde. Indtil nu har vi, som til dagligt arbejder ved skrivebordet, nok tænkt at det er dem ved samlebåndet, dette her er aktuelt for. Det har jeg i hvert fald. Derfor blev jeg i første omgang meget overrasket over […]

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Document Recognition capture


Recognition: An Automated Identifier of your informationIt does not matter whether your documents needs to be scanned or are born digitally. Recognition software can replace manual document-sorting and data-entry processes with automatic document recognition and data capture.Depending on the user case, the choice of technology can be everything from the most basic software in a […]

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Missing piece of the puzzle

To our Documentum Customers: The acquisition makes perfect sense

As information kept flowing to us Documentum partners, my understanding of the acquisition kept changing – or broadening – until the realisation finally sat its ground and from this point, I would like to share two things. Many (read: most) of our customers are Documentum users. Some have even been users since started from the days of […]

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Application Retirement

Application Retirement: Introducing OpenText InfoArchiveOur application retirement of old systems offering is based on InfoArchive – a unique technology that caters for archvial of structured as well as unstructured data in an secure and compliant way.As organisations evolve with time, they exponentially grow in their volume of data and number of applications and systems in […]

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