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Document Capture: Identify and Catch the Right Information

Capture is the general term for the process of ensuring the right documents are being 'caught' and sent for proper processing. It does not matter if they are externally or internally produced documents, what format they are or how they originated.

Whether a document is born digitally or scanned, it is important the documents are captured into a flow that ensures their treatment is disregarding where they came from, how they got here and what format they are. Often the customer already has the technology that supports such setup. It is a process discussion, and once the processes are understood, the technological implementation is close to done.


Where capture often is connected to a process, scanning is a technical discipline. Paper goes into a scanner, and the electronic version of the documents is sent onward for processing. 

Scanning can be done in-house, out-sourced, centralised, decentralised, advanced or simple. Strator can assist in the setup the relevant technology and services. For backlogs of paper documents containing sensitive information, we offer a controlled scanning service where we do the scanning for you.

The most basic treatment of the electronic output from the scanner is text recognition, also called OCR. Traditionally this ability is part of the scanning software that comes with scanners. If more advanced treatment is needed such as recognition for automation, we suggest considering the OCR treatment a part of the recognition process simply because advanced recognition tools do OCR remarkably well today.

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