Automated Document Generation

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Document generation is the discipline where large volumes of documents that are alike are produced automatically.

Appointment letters to from a hospital have a different time, name and receiver address, but beyond that, they are the same. Based on templates, schedules and address information the basic letter can be produced. Based on the metadata of the treatment, it can be deduced what patient information pamflet to include in the letter. This is one example.

The backbone of the solution is easily maintianable document templates. To these templates, we can add any form of data or metadata. We can merge document 'parts' together into one uniform document with a header, footer, paging, and thereby the final document has a consistent look. A front page documenting electronic signatures could be added. All this and more is possible as a batch process.

This is an example of a creative use of a document conversion tool. There are so many good technologies in the companies, and sometimes you can get incredibly much value from applying them a little creatively.

Document conversion tools are as the name says made to convert documents from one format to another, such as Word to PDF. Some can not do anything else. However, many of these tools can, for example, put watermarks on, merge multiple files into a coherent file, identify words or regular expressions (e.g., a CPR number) and much more. If some of these features are combined with the strong template functions in plain Word, you can construct an incredibly simple solution to a proper automation task.

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