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Document Management Technology

Strator has world-class handpicked technology for document management and archiving. The following are very different technologies - each is one of the best in its class. We work with and know other technologies, but with the following we have special expertise.

We now see several types of systems emerging that offer qualified document management and archiving in different contexts. We have chosen to present a system in each of the main categories that are seen:

  • Enterprising Platform (ECM / Content Services)
  • content anywhere (EFSS)
  • case management

and then Microsoft SharePoint, which is entirely its own.

Versioning, for example, in the 00's was something to buy a specialized document management system to achieve, but it looks completely different today. Among others, Microsoft SharePoint came with basic document management as part of a platform for something else (in this case collaboration / intranet), and getting used to versioning is something you just have - and have where you need the. This, the advancement of cloud solutions and our inclination to have "information at your fingertips" (Bill Gates, about 1990) wherever we are has led to the technology developing at the speed of lightning around us and there is a violent break in the market.

Microsoft SharePoint: Collaboration and Intranet

Microsoft SharePoint is a collaboration and intranet platform that provides document management capabilities. It is an excellent platform for collecting documents in everyday life because most people find it easy to use, among other things because there is a good integration to the office package. However, it is not an optimal platform for long term storage. In many places we have seen solutions where SharePoint is what the user sees, but below is a stronger archive.

OpenText Documentum: Enterprise Content Management

OpenText Documentum is a broad suite of strong document management and archiving content services fit for large volumes and heavy regulations. It is the best in class technology fit for large enterprises or heavily regulated industries. If your business is in the latter, you cannot be better positioned than with Documentum as your content system. Strator has experienced specialists in the Documentum suite and can do numerous types of consultancy or advisory roles. 

Box: Content Anywhere Platform

Box is a very strong collaborative content-anywhere platform. Box is a cloud based alternative to a traditional document management or archive system. Box has strong basic document management features out of the Box and a very intuitive user interface. Box can also be extended due to a very advanced API and Box is an incredibly strong choice to build solutions that are not just document management solutions, but where document management is a part of another business process. 

Visma Case: Cloudbased Case Management

Visma Case is a cloud based SaaS Case Management. Quick, easy, flexible and per user per month based licensing at a very low cost. If your need is to get going with at modern case management system really quickly and present the users with a modern and fast user expereince, Visma Case is an excellent choice.