Application Retirement

Application Retirement: Introducing OpenText InfoArchive

Our application retirement of old systems offering is based on InfoArchive - a unique technology that caters for archvial of structured as well as unstructured data in an secure and compliant way.

As organisations evolve with time, they exponentially grow in their volume of data and number of applications and systems in use. More than often old systems and applications are unusably still running, however merely for Read-Only purposes. Recent research conducted by Gartner estimates that about 80% of the data in applications is redundant or never accessed. However, these are historic data that most likely needs to be controlled in a compliant, secure and accessible way whilst the legacy systems and applications can retire.
With InfoArchive both structured and unstructured data gets archived – all in one low cost, vendor-neutral archive. You will have all your data centralized, while old systems and licences can be eliminated. The data will be stored secure and immutable in InfoArchive along with proper retention and regulatory policies applied. One of the many benefits of having all of your data in InfoArchive is the ease of accessibility through the search interfaces – the data is exposed as easy as if it were still in the old system. 
Other benefits are:
  • the implementation of an updated data retention and compliance strategy
  • reducing the risk of a critical data loss due to systems failure in out-dated legacy systems
  • the elimination of various licenses and maintenance costs 
The Strator approach to InfoArchive is based on a thorough understanding of the enterprise to establish data priority levels, high-paced implementation strategies and the delivery of needed resources post-implementation. Importance in establishing critical data criteria as well as an order in data priority is essential hence why our solutions are always tailored to the enterprise profile.
Strator’s strength lays in the years of experience with unstructured content strategies and we are happy to be working with the InfoArchive Consortium in Scandinavia.  
We can return the invested capital within the first year – and we are only just getting started to reduce the complexity and costs of decommissioning/application retirement.
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Read the article (in Danish) in Berlingske Business on Strator's cleanup offerings in relation to the new EU Personal Data Protection Regulation: ER DIN VIRKSOMHED KLAR TIL PERSONDATAFORORDNINGEN – HAR I RYDDET OP?

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